XP Run Count Editor

XP Run Count Editor 1.0

Manipulate 'most used programs' on XP


  • Easy to use
  • Portable


  • Very limited usage
  • Only for Windows XP

Not bad

XP Run Count Editor is a tiny stand alone application that allows you to see and edit the run count for all the programs you use in XP.

It doesn't require installation and is extremely quick to load up. There are no visual frills to XP Run Count Editor - just a window with a list of applications, the run count and timestamp showing the last time of usage.

This may seem fairly useless, but its not entirely the case! By editing the run count, you can manipulate which programs appear in the most/recently used list in the start menu. It may be that you disagree with Window's calculations about what you want to see there: Using XP Run Count Editor to simply add huge numbers to the programs you want in the start menu is a great way of tricking XP!

You manipulated results take a few minutes to appear, but everything we tried was successful. It's also useful if you want to start again - on an older machine you might have to wait ages for a new program you use every day to exceed the stats for an old program. With XP Run Count Editor you can just delete the record for the older application.

XP Run Count Editor is a neat, easy way of editing your applications use statistics.

XP Run Count Editor


XP Run Count Editor 1.0

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